Archangels are managers overseeing our guardian angels. They are one type of the nine choirs of angels (which include angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.) Of these forms of angels, guardians angels and archangels are the most involved with helping Earth and her inhabitants.

Compared to guardian angels, archangels are very large, loud and powerful, yet they’re also extremely loving and ego less. As nonphysical celestial beings, they don’t have genders. However, their specific fortes and characteristics have them distinctive male and female energies and persona’s.

You will notice that all of the Archangels names except two, end with “el” which in Hebrew is “for God” or “from God.” The two exception were biblical prophets who lived such exemplary lives that they ascended to archangeldom following their human lives. Archangels are nondenominational meaning that you needn’t belong to a particular religion in order to elicit their attention and help. Since archangels are limitless nonphysical beings, they can help everyone who calls upon them simultaneously. The archangels will respond to your requests, whether they are spoken, thought, or written. You can even ask the archangels to be permanently stationed by your side, and they are very happy to do so.


 Ariel (pronounced AHR-ee-el) which means “lioness of God.” She helps us provide for our physical needs (money, shelter, supplies). Ariel also assists with environmental causes, and the care and healing of animals. Ariel works with Archangel Raphael – who also heals and helps animals. And the angelic realm called the “thrones.” Historically she’s associated with King Solomon and the Gnostic’s, who believed that Ariel ruled the winds.


Azrael (pronounced Oz-rye-EL) which translates to “whom God helps.” He helps bring departed souls to Heaven, heals the grief stricken, and also assists those who are consoling the bereaved. Regarded as the “angel of death” in Hebrew and Islamic tradition. Azrael is associated with Archangel Raphael and King Solomon


Chamuel (pronounced SHAM-you-el) meaning “he who sees God.” He eases anxiety, brings about global and personal peace, and helps find lost objects, situations, and people. He’s considered to be the leader of the angelic realm known as the “powers.” Chamuel is one of the ten Sephiroth archangels of the Kabbalah, which means that he governs a pathway of the Cabalistic Tree of Life (a mystical explanation of creation).


Gabriel (pronounced GAB-ree-el) which means “messenger of God.” This archangel helps messengers such as writers, teachers, and journalists. Gabriel also helps parents with child-rearing, conception or adoption.  Some faiths believe that Gabriel is a male persona, while others perceive her as feminine. Gabriel delivered the annunciation to Zacharias and Mary, as recorded in the book of Luke, announcing the forthcoming birth of John the Baptist and Jesus. In the Old Testament, Gabriel saved Abraham’s son Lot from Sodom’s destruction. Mohamed said that Archangel Gabriel dictated the Koran to him.


Haniel (pronounced Hawn-ee-EL) meaning “glory of God.” She heals women during their monthly cycles and helps with clairvoyance. She’s associated with the planet Venus and the moon, and is one of the ten Sephiroth archangels in the Kabbalah. Haniel is often credited with escorting the prophet Enoch to Heaven.

Jeremiel (pronounced Jair-ah-MY – el) which translates to “mercy of God.” He deals with emotions, helping us review and take inventory of our lives so that we may forgive, and also helps us plan for positive change. Ancient Jewish texts list Jeremiel as one of the seven core archangels. Because Bbaruch, a prolific first-century Jewish apocryphal author, was assisted by Heremiel, this archangel is believed to help with prophetic visions.


Jophiel (pronounced JO – fee – el) meaning “beauty of God.” She heals negative and chaotic situations; and brings beauty and organization to our thoughts, homes, offices, and other environments, as well as lifting negativity in these areas. Some traditions call her Iofiel or Sophiel. Jophiel is known as the “patron of artists,” and the Torah describes her as an upholder of Divine law.  


Metatron (pronounced MET – uh – tron) He was the prophet Enoch, who ascended after living a virtuous life of sacred service. Metatron heals learning disorders and childhood issues, and helps with the new Indigo and Crystal Children. In ancient Jewish tradition, Metatron is an extremely important archangel, and the chief of the Sephiroth Kabbalistic archangels. The Kabbalah credits Metatron with helping Moses lead the Exodus from Egypt to Israel. The Talmud says that Metatron watches over children in Heaven in addition to the children of Earth.One of the only two Archangels whose name does not end in “el” and one of the only two Archangels who was human before becoming an Archangel. 


 Michael – His name means “he who is like God.” He releases us from fear and doubt, protects us, and clears away negativity. Usually considered the most powerful of all archangels, he is described in the Bible and other Christian, Jewish, and Islamic sacred tests as performing heroic acts of protection. Michael is the patron saint of police officers because he protects and lends courage to those who invoke him. He oversees the angelic realm known as the “Virtues.”


Raguel (pronounced Rag – WELL) His name means “friend of God.” He brings harmony to all relationships, and helps to heal misunderstandings. The book of Enoch describes Raguel as the overseer of all the angels, ensuring harmonious interactions between them. Raguel is credited with assisting the prophet Enoch;s ascension and transformation into Archangel Metatron.


Raphael His name means “he who heals.” He heals ailments and guides healers and would be healers. He’s one of the three presently sainted archangels (the others being Michael and Gabriel, although at one time seven archangels were canonized). In the book of Tobit (a canonical Bible work), Raphael describes himself as a servant before the Glory of the Lord. He is believed to be one of the three archangels who visited the patriarch Abraham. Because he assisted Tobias on his journey, Raphael is considered a patron saint of travelers. His main role, though, is the healing and assisting healers.


Raziel (pronounced RAH – zee – el) meaning “secrets of God.” He heals spiritual and psychic blocks, and helps us with dream interpretations and past life memories. Ancient Jewish lore says that Raziel sits so close to the throne of God that he hears all of the universe’s secrets, which he has written down in a book called Sefer Raziel (which means The Book of the Angel Raziel in English). Legend says that Raziel gave this book to Adam as he was leaving Eden, and to Noah as he was building the ark. The Kabbalah describes Raziel as the embodiment of Divine wisdom.


Sandalphon (pronounced SAN-dul-fon) He was the prophet Elijah, who ascended into an archangel. He serves many purposes, including helping people to heal from aggressive tendencies and delivering our prayers to the Creator. In addition Sandalphon helps musicians, especially those involved in using music for healing purposes. Since he was one of the two humans who ascended into archangel status, Sandalphon is considered the twin brother of Metatron (which was the prophet Enoch). Ancient Hebrew lore speaks of Sandalphon’s great stature and says that Moses called Sandalphon “the tall angel.”


Uriel (pronounced YUR-ee-el) His name means “God is light.” He’s an angel of wisdom and philosophy who illuminates our mind with insight and new ideas. In Hebrew sacred texts, Uriel’s roles are varied and vast. As the angel of light he’s often associated with the angelic realm of the illuminated “seraphim” who are closest to God in the nine choirs of angels. Uriel is believed to be the angel who warned Noah of the impending flood. Uriel is usually identified as one of the four major archangels, including Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. 


Zadkiel (pronounced ZAD-kee-el) His name means “righteousness of God.” He heals memory problems and assists with other mental functions. Many scholars believed that Zadkiel was the angel who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. The Kabbalah describes Zadkiel as a co-chieftain who assists Michael in protecting and releasing us from lower energies. 


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