Beginners Development Course

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The course is in 12 Steps including Guidance Notes, Meditations, and Excercises.

Welcome to the start of a new Spiritual journey, we will assist you on your new path teaching you many aspects of Spiritual & Psychic Development. It is important that you attend all classes in this course as every subject covered is important.

It’s important to understand that Psychic & Spiritual development are different concepts. Being psychic basically means that you can ‘read’ a person through their energy field. In our case, working on a Spiritual basis, or mediumistically, means that you can connect with Spirit, such as a guide or loved one who has passed over, who help to pass on messages or do work on this plane of existence. Spiritual development also involves developing your own thoughts on the different levels of existence and all aspects of life and physical death, our reason for being and our interactions with others.

It is possible for a person to be ‘Psychic’ but not to develop spiritually and sometimes this can lead to their work being ego-centered. However, when you develop spiritually, you connect with people on a deeper level, in a more empathic way. Your work is heart centered. You will also find that you naturally develop psychically at the same time.

We believe that the best way to approach this type of work is from a spiritual direction whilst actively seeking to develop psychically at the same time. By doing this we bring harmony and balance into our lives as we integrate all aspects of our being and become whole again. As this happens we see the world, other people and our relationships on every level in a different light. It opens our eyes and our souls. It causes us to remember who we really are and why we are here. All in all, we believe that it makes the world a nicer place to be.

There are only 3 rules that we insist on: for your Beginners Development Course


  1. Do Not Mix Your Spirits!

In other words, no alcohol, or other mind altering substances for that matter! Being under the influence whilst working, affects your ability and judgement. It also lowers your energy vibrations and your defences as well as your inhibitions. This can leave you and the rest of the group open to less positive energies or influences. This in non-negotiable.


  1. Confidentiality!

Anything of a personal nature must not be spoken of outside of the group. This allows everyone to work with trust and develops a safe and supportive environment. This does not mean that spirit are going to divulge your innermost secrets to everyone, they don’t work like that, but discussions can arise which can bring up sensitive issues and everyone needs to know that they can be open and honest with each other.


  1. Stay Positive!

This is extremely important. Positive energy is essential when working. Although working with spirit must be taken seriously. It can also be fun and indeed laughter can help to raise the energy vibrations. If you feel negative, depressed, or simply under the weather, take a break and get an early night instead.

Enjoy each step of the journey and remember to follow each step carefully in your Beginners Development Course


To see the full free course you will need to register a FREE Account CLICK HERE


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