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Beginners Module 12 – Working With Spirit

Theory: Working with Spirit:

Many people see, feel or hear spirit naturally, particularly as a child. As they get older their skills often diminish. This can happen for a number of reasons, fear of being told that they’re imagining things or making it up, because it’s not actively developed or simply because they get side-tracked by other things in life. For some it is only when a spirit is particularly strong or emotionally linked to them that they’re aware of their presence. One example would be following the death of a loved one.

When developing the skills associated with working with spirit and linking with Spirit it’s important to differentiate between everyday activities and psychic work. It’s quite distracting to be interrupted at work by Great Uncle Albert who wants to pass on a message to your mum!

It’s also important to be able to connect or communicate with our Spirit Guide(s) and to understand how to ‘open’, ‘close’, and protect our energies.

Using all of our senses is usually second nature in the physical world. It’s known that if someone loses one of their senses the others become stronger to help counter the affects of the loss. By developing these senses both on a physical and the more subtle level we can use them to far greater effect in meditations and when receiving messages for ourselves and others, to assist in working with spirit.

Understanding our senses and how they relate to psychic work is important.

Sight – Clairvoyance is translated as ‘to see clearly’. Some people are able to physically see spirit, symbols and messages that need to be passed on to others. Some people can also see the auras or subtle energy systems of others, either naturally or through practice.

Hearing – Clairaudience is translated as ‘to hear clearly’. Some people are able to hear messages from spirits and Guides which can be passed on to others.

Scent – This sense is amazing as its center in the brain is so close to our memory center that smells and memories are often powerfully linked. Some people will be aware of scents that are manifested by a spirit to announce their presence. Scent can also have a physiological effect on us causing us to relax or to become more active.

Taste – Some people find that this sense is activated when working with Spirit.

Feel – This can have two different associations when working with Spirit. Feeling in a physical sense, some people are physically touched by spirit to let them know that they’re present, and in a more subtle or ‘knowing’ way, others sense or feel their presence. Clairsentience is translated as ‘to sense clearly’ and most mediums work, in all or part, in this way. It’s often a case of knowing something that is being passed on as a message from Spirit.

Mediums and psychics use a combination of methods to communicate when working with Spirit. By now you will probably have an idea of which method you find easiest. It’s best to concentrate on developing in one way, the other methods will become easier and you will start to advance naturally with a combination.

Guided Meditation

Meditation Strengthening Your Links With The Spirit World

Module 12 Exercises

Exercise 1: Warm Up

The reader should sit quietly with their eyes closed.

The inquirer will select a piece of ribbon or cloth from that available and place it gently over the readers shoulder or shoulders.

The reader should try to sense the energy from the fabric, what feeling or images pop into your head? Tell you partner who can make notes for you.

If the reader is struggling the inquirer should prompt them with questions like ‘what was the first thought that came into your mind?’, How are you feeling?. Do you have any sensations at any of the chakra points? If so which ones?

Have a go at guessing the colour of the fabric.

The notes will help you understand what the colour did for you.

Swap over and repeat.

Exercise 2: Work Out

One method of connecting with spirit is to expand your own energy field to feel spirit in the room.
Sit quietly and close your eyes.

Take your awareness to the outside of your body.

As you inhale imagine your auric energy expanding in all directions around you.
Spend a few minutes doing this so that your aura grows but stays within the room.

Mentally scan your aura checking for energies that have crossed over from others in the room.
Do you feel anything different or unusual? What pops in to your head? Are you aware of any feelings as though someone is standing near you or to someone else in the room?

If you feel any changes in energy or receive and images, words, names, or a message, speak out.
Keep a dated record of your experiences and any feedback or conformation that you get.

Exercise 3: Tune in

The meditation in this module, along with previous exercises, should have given you a clue as to the way you will connect best with Spirit, Clairaudiently, Clairvoyantly, or Clairsentiently. You can use that information now to help you to link in.

Sitting quietly in your own chair and cast your mind back to your meditation. What sense(s) helped you to connect to your spirit visitor?

Now concentrate on this sense. If you heard them, it ay help to close your eyes to increase the focus on your hearing. Likewise if you saw them it may help to cover your ears, so that the focus increases on your sight. If you sensed them, again close your eyes and take note of anything that you begin to feel.

Ask your companion from the mediation to step forward and communicate with you again. Remember the heightened connection that you still have after your meditation. Be aware of anything that you sense, see or hear even if it’s very subtle. Ask them to make a definite communication, and see if you get anything different.

After a few minutes bring your awareness back to the room and discuss your experiences with each other.

Keep a dated record of this exercise.

Exercise 4: Get Connected

This can be attempted in pairs or in a group. It’s good to try both. You may find your more successful as a group as there’s more energy when you all connect and join together.

Hold hands with your partner or with the group, this is crucial to enable the energy to build up.
Expand your auric energy as you did earlier.

If you wish you can ask for anyone from the world of spirit to communicate with you if they so desire.
Be aware of anything you see, sense, feel or hear.

Discuss your experiences with the group.

Keep a dated record of your experiences.

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