Auras and Chakras
Beginners Development

Beginners Module 1 – Auras and Chakras

Theory: Auras and Chakras.


A fundamental principle of spiritual and psychic development is ‘energy’. Life is all about energy. Everything is energy. All matter vibrates at different rates depending on what it is. Take, for example, water, slow down the vibratory rate of its molecules, through cooling, and it becomes ice. Speed it up, by heating, and it becomes steam.

In order to develop our skills it’s important to have a basic understanding of some of the theories of energy on an esoteric level. When we’re talking about energy in this way we are talking about the ‘vital life force’ that animates all living things. It has many different names from many different cultures: Ki, Prana, Chi, Mana.

Some will call it God, Love, Divine Source, the list is virtually endless. There are many theories about the way in which energy flows through us on a subtle level, disciplines such as shiatsu and acupuncture work on the premise that we have a system of energy channels much like our physical network of veins and arteries carrying blood.

This is a useful avenue to explore as you develop but for now two fundamental subjects to begin our energy journey with are aura and chakras.

In eastern and esoteric teachings it is said that we exist at many levels. These levels are like overlapping layers of ourselves, taking up the same space but each at a progressively higher vibratory rate.

Our physical body has the slowest vibratory rate (imagine it as the ice), making us solid, present in the physical world and therefore visible to others. Overlaying our physical body are the etheric, emotional or astral, mental and spiritual bodies. Because of their higher vibratory rates, these are not visible to most people, although some who are sensitive can pick them up through sensing, feeling or seeing the energy given off by them. These emanations are what is termed the aura and each energetic body has its own. Auras could be linked to the electro-magnetic field that emanates from an atomic structure.

Our auras surround us three-dimensionally, extending above and below our physical body. The etheric aura is the simplest to see. It’s actually colourless, appearing more like a mist or a thickening of the air around the body, like an outline glow (imagine it like the water). The emotional or astral aura is the next and is usually the one containing colour. Its colours change depending on our mood, activity, health and spiritual development. The final two are the mental and spiritual/causal auras which extend far beyond our physical body and connect us with the higher levels of energy and spirit realms. (These higher levels are like the steam, gradually becoming more diffuse as it progresses).

It’s possible with practice and experience to learn to tune into a person’s aura and pick up information from it, either visually or simply by knowing or sensing. Information that we pick up could be colours, in the aura, its strength, any weak spots, imbalances or damaged areas.
The aura can be weakened or inhibited by poor diet, lack of fresh air, lack of exercise, lack of rest, illness, stress, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, negative thoughts or habits or by not protecting ourselves sufficiently from external negative influences.

When we meet other people or go into places or situations our auras are the first part of us that pick up on information in the form of energy. This is then filtered down to our conscious mind for interpretation and action. It’s said that when we take an instant dislike to a person or place it’s because the energy of our auras are not compatible for some reason. We are sure that most of you have met someone who you feel really drawn to, or conversely that you don’t like standing too close to for some inexplicable reason.

The exercises covered this week will demonstrate how we can affect others and be affected by those around us. It will demonstrate the importance of strengthening and protecting our energy field through a healthy lifestyle, positive thoughts and good visualization.



Within our auras, creating a central vertical column following the line of our spine, sit the chakras. These are wheels of energy that extend out, like funnels, usually to the front and back of us. The chakras take in energy from the universe then transform and redistribute it throughout our energy system. Eastern philosophies teach that in order for us to be whole, healthy, creative, and to continue to develop spiritually our chakras must be working in harmony with each other, allowing a positive, steady flow of energy.

There are seven major chakras. Each contains all colour vibrations but is dominated by one. This colour relates to its primary role. When visualizing or sensing the colours, it’s important to use your intuition and ‘feel’ which colour works best for you. Some people prefer to use violet at the brow and white at the crown but others like to use indigo and violet respectively. It’s entirely up to each individual and it may well differ from time to time as well as from person to person.
There are also many smaller chakras including those in the palms of our hands, used particularly when giving healing, and in our soles of our feet, useful to visualize when grounding our energies.

The chakras are always open but to varying degrees. They can sometimes be too open, or for others not open enough. In either case it can be indicative of an imbalance in certain parts of our lifestyle.

The ‘opening’ ‘protection’ and ‘closing & grounding’ exercises and visualizations that we do in this class involve working with the auras and chakras. So you can see that having an understanding of them is a key element in developing our skills.

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Module 1 Exercises

Guided Meditation

Creating Your Sanctuary

Opening & Protection When Working On Your Own

Bonus Meditation

Closing & Grounding

Exercise 1: Feel The Energy

⦁ Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.

⦁ Place your palms together and focus your attention on their contact with each other. You may become aware of heat building up.

⦁ After a minute or so separate your hands very slightly. Maintain your focus on the same place between your palms. Very slowly move your hands slightly away from and then towards each other, as though pumping air between the palms. You should become aware of a feeling of resistance.

⦁ Gradually take your hands further apart and each time they come back together, still with that pumping action, make the gap between your palms larger and larger. Feel as though there’s a ball of energy between your palms. This energy has been created through the smaller chakras in the palms of your hands using your auric energy.

⦁ You can play with the energy with practice. Move your hands around so that you can feel the edges of the ball.

⦁ You will find, in time that this skill has other uses, but for now, it assists you in beginning to feel the auric energy that we talk of and activating the sense of feeling in your hands.

Exercise 2: Feel The Aura

(You need to work in pairs for this exercise).

⦁ One of you (the subject) should sit in a chair or stand up.

⦁ The other should slowly walk towards the subject with hands , if you feel that you wish to pause then do so. This is possibly the edge of the auric layer, most likely the emotional aura. At this point, slowly move your hands around the outline of the subject at the same distance from their physical body. You may feel hot or cold spots, these can indicate energy blockages and can sometimes relate to physical problems as well. For example, heat around a joint or muscle area may be as a result of a sports injury or joint problem. This can take a lot of practice.

⦁ Discuss and energy imbalance that you have picked up on with your partner and get their feedback too. Remember never use this method in an attempt to diagnose physical ailments.

⦁ Swap over and repeat.

Exercise 3: How You Can Affect Your Aura and Others

(You need to work in pairs for this exercise).

⦁ One of you (the subject) should sit in a chair or stand up.

⦁ You must focus on your own energy field. Visualize it surrounding you and, when you feel that you’re ready, visualize or feel it changing shape in some way. You can pull it in close to you, or push it out so that it gets bigger and bigger, or push it up high above your head. You could also visualize it as a specific colour, as very bright or even moving around you in a particular direction. Once you have chosen which one you are going to do, without telling your partner, focus on it completely until your partner notices the change.

⦁ The second person can either, sit opposite, walk around or simply stand next to the subject. It’s their role to pick up on and changes or fluctuations in the subjects aura. You might feel it with your hands, as in the previous exercise, sense the changes or, if you’re lucky, see them. Sometimes you will ‘see’ in your mind’s eye and sometimes you will just ‘know’ what has changed, whichever way you find that you work best, go with it. Tell your partner when you pick up on the change and see if you are correct.

⦁ The subject should try two or three different things before swapping over and repeating the exercise.

Exercise 4: How Others Can Affect You

⦁ There are a number of ways that you can do this exercise. You can work in pairs or in larger groups.

⦁ One person (the subject) should stand in the middle of the room and close their eyes. Be aware of any sensations that you feel around you. You may find that you sway or feel as though you are going to fall over in a particular direction. Keeping your eyes shut, tell your partner or group about the sensations that you are experiencing.

⦁ One person from the group or your partner should stand in front, behind or to one side of the subject. From about two feet away they should use their hands to either push or pull the subject’s aura in a specific direction. Work gently and slowly as the subject can be affected quite tangibly by this exercise.

⦁ When the subject says or shows that they can feel the change, swap over and repeat the exercise.

⦁ If you are working in groups of more than two, the others can observe the way that the subject is being affected. Alternatively, you could all stand around the subject at about four feet away, then one of you can move in slowly and quietly, standing nearer to them until the subject picks up on the energy change and says out loud where the person is or points to them. Take it in turns to be the subject and experience how others can affect your energy.

Exercise 5: Play The Hand Game

⦁ Again working in pairs, stand or sit opposite each other.

⦁ Place your hands in front of you so that your palms are facing those of your partner. One person (partner A) should close their eyes.

⦁ The other (partner B) keeps their eyes open and move their hands slowly and deliberately around in the space between you both. You should move one hand at a time, then pause to observe partner A. If they move their hands correctly, incorrectly or not at all. Make a mental note and try again.

⦁ Partner A should attempt to sense any movement and move their hands to match their partners without physical contact.

⦁ Partner B should make 10 changes then stop and give partner A feedback on how they did.

⦁ Swap over and try it the other way around.

⦁ You could try this with an observer and ask that the active partner simply move their hands into 10 places. The observer could record the number of ‘hits’ where the ‘sensor’ correctly moves their hands to mirror the others. As you get better, you should see an improvement on these scores.

⦁ You may find that some people work better in certain couplings than others due to closer relationship or a more instant connection.

Exercise 6: Take A Look

⦁ Either work in pairs or as a group for this exercise.

⦁ One of you (the subject) should, sit in a chair or stand, preferably against a pale background.

⦁ The other (or the rest of the group) should be sitting opposite, at least five feet away. Look past the subject at the air around or above them allowing you eyes to relax and go slightly out of focus.

⦁ You may notice the air changing around the subject, perhaps appearing thicker. You may begin to see the etheric aura first, like a clear glow outlining the body. (If you remember the ‘Ready Break’ adverts, the glow looks similar to that).

⦁ Eventually you may start to see colours or you may sense them in some way. Perhaps a colour, feeling or sensation pops into your head.

⦁ Share what you pick up and if you are working in a group you may find that others are getting the same information as you.

⦁ Swap over and repeat giving each person a chance to be the subject.

Once you have trained yourself to see auras you may find that they appear around people without you consciously trying to spot them. This is perfectly normal and further evidence of your growing psychic abilities. It can also allow you to see orbs and other visual phenomenon as your third eye chakra develops. When consciously attempting to view the aura of another person, please remember to be respectful and ask them if it’s okay first. Remember that a lot of personal information can be seen or sensed in the aura. Plus, sensitive individuals will feel the intrusion if you stare at their aura without asking!

Exercise 7: Dowsing The Chakras.

⦁ Working in three’s, one person (the subject) lays on the floor or a couch.

⦁ The second person holds the pendulum in the subject’s aura at the feet bit in line with their spine. Allow the pendulum to hang free about 1 – 2 inches above their physical body. From here, slowly draw the pendulum along the mid-line of the body.

⦁ You may feel the pendulum dragging through the auric energy at certain points and it may even appear to stop. If you feel that you want to pause, then pause. The key with this exercise is to use your intuition. At the chakras it will usually pause and either spin or make crossways movements.

⦁ The third person can record the movements of the pendulum using the Body/Chakras outline chart.

⦁ If the pendulum spins it indicates that the chakra’s energy is flowing well.

⦁ However, if it spins widely, it can indicate the the chakra is too open. This may indicate that the person needs to be more protective of their energy as they may be losing energy to others or to the ether for some reason. The reasons will depend on which chakra is affected.

⦁ If the pendulum spins but in a very small, tight circle it can indicate that the chakra is not open enough.

⦁ If the pendulum does not move at all this can also suggest that the chakra is not open enough.

⦁ If the pendulum criss – crosses , let it do so until it begins to spin. This can take some time and indicate that there is an energy blockage. The pendulum will work to free up the blockage and allow the energy to flow as it should. Reasons for this are similar to those when chakras are too closed.

⦁ Refer to basic chakras information to analyse your results.

⦁ Swap around so that everyone gets the opportunity to try this exercise as the subject, dowser and observer.

Basic Chakra Information

Base Chakra – Red

Located at the perineum, this chakra opens downwards. It connects us to the physical world, keeps us grounded, and is said to be the seat of the collective unconscious. If this chakra is too open we may be overly concerned with material things, possibly self – indulgent. If the chakra is too closed we may be run down physically, have a tendency to worry too much, or feel ‘away with the fairies’. If this is the case, grounding work is important to keep our feet on the ground.

Sacral Chakra – Orange

Located two fingers below the navel. It’s related to our primordial emotions, security, sexuality, empowerment and creativity. If this chakra is too open we may crave more meaningful relationship, not realizing that the most important one if with ourself. We may need to be more embracing of the miracles of nature. If this chakra is too closed we may withdraw from attention or sensual signals from others, life may seem a bit boring and we may need to learn to express our feelings.

Solar Plexus – Yellow

Located at the diaphragm, this chakra is our power center, it connects us to the astral body and it helps us to perceive the vibrations of others. If this chakra is too open we may be too open to the energies of others and need to learn to protect ourselves. The automatic reaction of folding our arms over this area if feeling uncomfortable helps prevent us from picking up negativity from others or our surroundings. If this chakra is too closed, we may be insensitive to others energy or to our surroundings. We may need to learn to extend our awareness and be more observant.

Heart Chakra – Green (sometimes pink)

Said to be the seat of unconditional love. This chakra is related to healing, empathy and sympathy. It connects us to the spiritual aspect of ourselves and others. If this chakra is too open it’s possibly as a result of constantly putting others before ourselves. A closed down heart chakra is often in those who don’t like themselves or find it difficult to trust or love others. We may need to learn to be kinder to and forgive ourselves.

Throat Chakra – Blue

This chakra relates to expression, communication (including listening) and inspiration. It connects us with the mental auric body. An overly open throat chakra is common among public speakers or those who feel driven to communicate continually for whatever reason. A closed down throat chakra is found if we’re unable to communicate our feelings with others, or if we do not listen to others, or notice signs around us.

Third Eye Chakra – Indigo or Violet

Located slightly above and between the eyes. This chakra relates to psychic perception and intuition and is said to connect us to all levels of creation. If this chakra is too open we may be too focused on intellect and reason, try to rationalize everything and influence the thoughts of others. If this chakra is too closed we may only accept what we can actually see, be forgetful or lose our head in a crisis. In either case we may benefit from developing our intuitive and psychic side.

Crown Chakra – Violet or White.

Located on the crown of the head, this chakra opens upwards. It’s related to universal knowledge and connects us to the spiritual plane. The crown chakra becomes more open with spiritual advancement. It can’t be too open. The crown is always connecting us to Spirit, however, if it appears small or narrow, you may wish to actively pursue a more spiritual path.

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