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Beginners Module 9 – ESP/Telepathy

Theory: ESP/Telepathy:

ESP and telepathy are an extension of our intuition, ESP or ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ is a phrase that encompasses various psychic abilities including clairaudience, telepathy and psychokinesis (that’s moving stuff with the power of your mind).

Telepathy is the transfer of thoughts, images or feelings between individuals without verbal or other communication. How often have you known who was calling before picking up the phone? When we have a real connection or rapport with someone it’s uncanny how frequently you know what the other is thinking or start to talk about the same subject that they’re thinking of, or answer their query before they have even mentioned it.

In 1927, J.B. Rhine, who coined the phrase ‘ESP’ set up a Parapsychology department at Duke University in the USA. His primary aim was to investigate ESP using very strict scientific tests.

He had a ‘sender’ and a ‘receiver’ in different rooms with no contact allowed between them. He created the famous ‘Zener’ cards with basic symbols on them (star, circle, cross, square and wavy lines) and the ‘sender’ used them to send a telepathic picture to the ‘receiver’. The results were very exciting. Some of the participants scored highly, far higher than would have been expected if random chance were applied. Over the years many further expirements have been done along similar lines and with similar results, pointing to the existence of telepathy.

We all have a basic telepathic ability and may already be using it without realizing. For example, many people receive messages which they choose to dismiss, or take heed of, perhaps you would call it gut instinct? If we go along with the theory that the spirit realms communicate via telepathic means, then it’s possible a loved one or Spirit Guide is passing on advice about a dangerous situation or a potentially life changing encounter. If we do all possess an innate telepathic ability practicing the following exercises will help to reawaken it, and logically, by improving our telepathic and ESP skills, it becomes easier to communicate with the Spirit World.

One common theory on how this all works is that all knowledge is available to everyone in a big ‘pool’ of information. The skill is in retrieving the correct and necessary information at any given time. This is the same theory as for most of the subjects covered in this course.

It’s commonly reported by those seeking to develop their psychic abilities that random words or phrases just pop into their heads for no reason and seemingly with no relevance. It’s often described as being like a crossed-line on the phone! Our ‘receiver’ may be slightly out of tune and picking up a signal that is floating nearby and wasn’t meant for us at that moment. All the information that we need is out there and available but it’s us as receivers that need the development, or fine-tuning.

Psychic Ni Tips:

It’s important not to become frustrated when first trying out the telepathic exercises. The key is to keep practicing and you’ll undoubtedly see your abilities improve. Some of the most talented mediums struggle to get decent results using Zener cards but this is possibly because they feel under pressure to achieve amazing results. This can cause a block in itself.

The key, as always is to relax, allow the information to flow into your mind and then be confident enough to give that information as your answer.

You may find that you’re more proficient in either sending or receiving. This is quite common. In time you will improve in both areas.

Module 9 Exercises

Guided Meditation

Enhance Your E.S.P.

Exercise 1: Zener Cards

Work in pairs with each having their own set of cards

One person will be the sender and the other the receiver.
Sit opposite each other or back to back, or if you prefer in different rooms.

Ensure there are no mirrors or other reflective surfaces around the room before you start.

For your first attempt you will send five symbols. As you get experienced try sending 10, 15, 20 and eventually 25 in one session.

Both partners should use the ESP results Record sheet, put your name and today’s date on the page.

The sender should use their copy to record the symbols that they send in the sent column.
The receiver should use theirs to record what they fell they have received in the received column.
As this exercise takes a lot of concentration it is important to write down your symbols.

When ready to send the sender shuffles their cards, and say 1st card, then 2nd card etc when sending.

The receiver writes down 1st card is, 2nd card is etc. Remember to use the first thought that comes into your head before you start to question it.

Compare results.

Swap over and try again.

Exercise 2: Analyse

Discuss your experiences and compare your results.

Getting the correct results due to chance occur at the rate of 1 in 5 or 20%. Anything more than this is a positive result.

Equally, anything less than that should be looked at again. Is there a pattern? Are you always mistaking the same symbol for a different one? Are you out of step, one behind or even one in front?

It’s interesting to analyse your results like this, but also to keep a dated record of them and compare them with future exercises to see how you improve.

Exercise 3: Images

Working in pairs facing each other or back to back.

You are going to repeat exercise 1, but this time using images and colours.

This time you have more information to convey to the receiver, e.g. different colours, shapes and other imagery. See if it makes it more difficult or easier when sending and receiving.

Both use blank pages to record the information as sender and receiver, again using the same method as in exercise 1, image 1, image 2 etc.

Focus on each image for 2 minutes.

Swap over and repeat.

Analyse your results.

Telepathy in Wikipedia link

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