Connecting With Your Angels

When you ask your angels for help, they will get right to work for you. They will do one or two things:


*Directly intervene and manifest your desires at exactly the right time.

*Give you a sign that they’re with you.

*Give you guidance and instructions so that you’ll take the appropriate steps to co-create the answer to your prayer, with their help.

Guidance and instructions are the most common ways in which Connecting With Your Angels helps answer our prayers. This process is called Divine guidance. When you receive such guidance, you must take action so that your prayer will be answered. Many people who believe that their prayers go unanswered are ignoring the information they’ve receded.

Divine guidance is repetitive, loving, uplifting, and encouraging, and always asks us to improve a situation, It can come in one or a combination of ways in Connecting With Your Angels


  1. Physical or emotional. You get gut feelings, tingling sensations, goose bumps, an intuitive hunch, or feel the presence of an angel with you. These feelings guide you to make positive changes. This is calledClairsentience, which means “clear feeling.”


  1. Visions and Dreams. You see an image in your minds eye, you have a very clear visitation in a dream or while awake, you see sparkling or flashing lights, or see mind movies that give you information. This is called Clairvoyance,which means “clear seeing.”


  1. Knowingness. You know things without any rational reason, as if God has downloaded the information to you; you say or write with wisdom exceeding our present knowledge you know how to fix an item without having to read instructions. This is called Claircognizance, which means “clear knowing.”


  1. Words and sounds. You hear your name called upon awakening, you hear a strain of celestial music, you overhear a conversation that seems tailor-made for you, you hear high-pitched ringing in one ear, or you hear a song in your head or on the radio that holds special meaning. This is called Clairaudience,which means “clear hearing.”


If you would like to hear from your angels more often than talk to them, or write them letters. Share your dreams, disappointments, fears, worries, concerns, and joys with them. Tell them everything. Ask them about everything, as the angels want to help you with every area of your life.

Your personal relationship with your guardian angels will deepen as you speak to them regularly. One way to get to know your angel better is to ask them their names. Just thing of vocalize the request; “Angels, please tell me your names,” and then notice the word that comes to you as a thought, sound, feeling, or vision. It’s best to write these names down so you’ll remember them. If you don’t receive any names, it usually means that you’re trying too hard to hear. Wait until you are relaxed, then ask again.


Next ask the angels, “Please send me signs in the physical world that I’ll easily notice to help me validate that I’ve heard you names correctly.” You’ll then notice the names that you have received in people that you meet, conversations you overhear, and so on.

Practice asking your angels question, then listening to them reply to you. In time you will learn to instantly distinguish the voice of the angels from the voice of ego (the fearful part of us). With this practice, you’ll learn to trust and lean upon you angels’ guidance as you find success as a result of following their loving advice. 


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