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Beeswax Cera alba White Pellets 100g


100g Jar

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Beeswax Cera alba White Pellets 100g

Beeswax is produced by honey bees as an exudation from the segments on the underside of the abdomen after gorging on honey or sugar syrup.

The bees huddle together in the hive to raise the heat of the group to stimulate the process. Our beeswax is sold as white pellets and will melt at 64C (147F).

Beeswax should be melted in a water bath in stainless steel, plastic or tin-plated containers as iron, brass or copper containers can colour it.

Never place the beeswax pellets directly into a pan or onto a burner as beeswax does not boil, rather it just gets hotter and hotter until it ignites and can cause a fire or can just become damaged by localised overheating.

Beeswax is used in soaps, lip balms, and lotion bars as a hardener and thickener or in combination with other oils in creams and lotions where it forms a type of soap that acts as an emulsifier.

The white beeswax pellets that we stock are easy to measure and handle. Some of the other uses for beeswax are to make good quality candles that burn brightly with no smoke or splutter and a pleasant aroma, as a coating for sweets and pills, in furniture polishes, for batik dyeing, to coat sewing threads and fly fishing lines, to use on sticky drawers to make them slide more smoothly, to extend the active life of penicillin in the bloodstream, in lost wax casting, as a carving wax, for grafting plants and to coat nails so they are easier to drive into hard woods.

We supply 100g of beeswax pellets in a plastic (re-usable) jar or larger amounts packed in bags.


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