Spirit Guides

Who Are They?

What Are They?

Where Are They?

  1. Elders
  2. Master Guides
  3. General Guides


They are highly evolved soul’s, who’s purpose is to enlighten you and help you on your journey.

They are with us for ETERNITY

Elders rarely return to the earth, they are content soul’s.

Elders have all walked the Earth Plane, many times, and have experienced everything you can imagine.

Poverty / Wealth / Abuse / Greed / Love / Illness / etc., the list goes on and on.

They train our master guides, and manage them as they guide us.

They are our connection through our guides to source (God).

We rarely meet our Elders whilst we are on the Earth Plane.



You pick your Master Guide before you come onto the Earth Plane.

They remain with you throughout your life, and leave you once you go through the healing process in the Afterlife.

Your Master Guide has walked the Earth Plane many times, but is never a member of your current family.

Their purpose is to guide you through your life. Remember you are never alone they are always with you.

They influence us in many ways, and when we are ready to connect with them we must be prepared to hear the truth from them. They are very important to us.

The easiest way to connect with them is through Meditation.

They can also make psychical contact, and they keep us on track.


You do have other guides these are known as general guides.

Your Master Guides can connect with each other.

Only you can get your Master Guides Name.


Ask them what it is.

If a name or an initial pops into your head just as you finish asking then accept that.

If it does not and you then get a name, it’s your mind doing it, not them!

So try again, and again, until you get it. (Meditation).

If you don’t get one, then give them a name, it’s ok to do that.


If they don’t like it, they will let you know and give you their name.

Clear Crystal Quartz is good for helping connect with your guides.

You have FREE WILL to listen to, or not listen to your guides.

They will use many ways to get your attention.

Music / Whispers / Touch / Voice / Appear to you.



Trust your instinct

Use a pendulum

Believe in it.


Do they feel familiar to you, if so it’s them.

You have to build a relationship with your Master Guide.

They will speak to you in only your own language.







What are General Guides?

These are the guides who come into our lives for a purpose, and when it’s competed they leave.

They come in for such things as

Work / Relationship / Financial / Family / The list goes on……………………………………..


Where do they come from?

They are managed by our Master Guide, and they send them in and guide them through their purpose.

Your General Guides will include

Your Healing Guides & Your Psychic Guides.


Do they have names?

Yes they do, and we learn these the same way we did for our Master Guide.


Who are they?

These guides can be

Family / Friends / Animals / Pets / etc.


They can come back to you time and time again as they are needed.

You can call on them to come in and help you at anytime.

Sometimes when your trying to get your Master Guide, they send forward a General Guide as that is who you need. Remember they can read our thoughts.

Don’t confuse these guides with Angels.

Angels never walked the Earth Plane, and are not our guides, we can never become Angels.

Remember your guides are always there to help you.


Just one last thing!


We also have another type of guide?


These are called




Also known as


Earth Angels / Light Workers.

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