Step 3 Spirit Guides

Meditation Connecting With Your Spirit Guide (play time 16m 47s)

Theory: Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides act as messengers or advisors from the other side. They are like the Spirit World’s equivalent of our mediums. They help us when working spiritually and psychically, but also help to heal issues and restore balance in our lives.

They can bring deceased loved ones closer to aid communication, help find and pursue our spiritual mission, show us past lives and future potential and act as advisors to groups working together regularly. Spirit Guides are advanced spiritual beings from higher planes who lend their energy and wisdom to help us to evolve spiritually.

There is much debate about how many guides we have. We believe that everyone has many different Spirit Guides throughout their life. Some we may not even be aware of as yet but they still guide and protect us, perhaps speaking through our intuition and thereby sheltering us from physical harm.

There are many people who believe that they have come out of an awful situation miraculously unscathed because ‘someone’ guided them to safety. That ‘someone’ is nowhere to be seen after the event.

They can be people we have known who have passed on, or family members who we never or barely knew. Equally we may not have known them at all in this lifetime. Guides may be angels (or guardian angels) or may show themselves as children, animals or even mythical creatures.

There are different guides for different roles, such as:

  • Teacher Guide – A guide to assist in our studies, development and in the understanding of philosophy and universal law.
  • Healer Guide – These guides may inspire us to look after ourselves better, eat healthier or get fitter. They provide healing energy and help to keep our energies aligned. They will also assist when we give healing of all forms to others.
  • Portector – An extremely important guide when we are actively working on spiritual and psychic development. Often one of the first to make themselves known to us, they protect our space and the energies from negative influences and can provide strength, courage and energy when required. Usually large individuals with strong, tangible presence, sometimes animals or mythological creatures.
  • Message Bearer – These guides amplify our intuitive messages, assist us in finding information and pass messages on to us if working mediumistically.
  • Helper Guide – These guides are often attracted to us in order to assist with a short term project or developing a particular skill.

Guides can come and go and be around for different periods in our lives. Even if they seem to have ‘gone’ they may have just taken a back-seat. The bond or attachment between us and them is always there.

Everyone seems to have an American Indian, nun or monk – why? Well these are people who have lived spiritual lives on the earth plane, therefore we can assume that they now exist on a high spiritual plane over there and are thus better placed to help us over here.

However, guides come in many forms and do not have to show themselves in this way. They could just as easily be a young person who appears to be no different to someone you might pass in the street. Guides only take on a form that we recognize because it is easier for us to visualize or understand.

Our guides communicate with us in a number of ways. It might be a thought that magically appears in our minds or a gut feeling to take a particular turning or route. Mostly their communications are telepathic, which can make it feel tricky at first to communicate with them.

With practice and trust you can talk to them. Learn to listen every time you get a thought or idea in your mind. Which ones seem insistent? Which ones come very quickly in response to a thought or question? Which ones do you tend to dismiss as ‘probably just my own thoughts’?

These are usually the ones from our guides. Often they speak to us in our dreams or through meditation. Some people believe that we are more likely to meet them when we sleep. At that time we remove our consciousness from the physical dimension into one of a higher frequency where we can re-connect with beings from other realms of existence. It is here that we work with our Spirit Guides and plan what we will do in the physical realms when we return to ‘wakefulness’.

We may or may not consciously recall these meetings. If they really want to make a point they will help to create a synchronicity in your life so that you will sit up and take notice.

Synchronicities, in general, are experiences created by our soul to bring us into a greater awareness of what is occurring in our life. There’s no such thing as coincidence!  If we meet someone ‘by accident’ it’s because our soul and theirs has made a decision to meet, there are no accidents.

The best way to discover who your guides are and how to communicate with them is through meditation. However,, it does take time and practice. Trust your intuition. Some mediums may be able to tell you about your Guides, (but never their name, that’s personal between you and your Guides).

It’s far better for you to try and make contact and then build a relationship with them yourself, even if this takes a bit longer.

Spirit Guides will not make our decisions for us. It is important to always remember that this is your life and you must live it. They will offer opinions and advice if you ask for it, but they will not tell you what to do, and it is always down to you to take responsibility for your own actions.

If you are scared of talking to Spirit don’t worry, this is a common reaction. Remember that we are always in control of any communication with Spirit. We exist on a physical plane and they are simply visiting us from the spirit realm. This means that we are the ones in control. Remember to always ask for protection and do your preparation before you start work, and ground when you finish.

If you feel uncomfortable at any time, stop, and bring yourself back to the room. The role of a Spirit Guide is to offer loving, uncritical and unconditional guidance. Your Guides will never hurt you. Nor will they give you negative messages or encourage you to do anything harmful to yourself or others. If you hear any voices acting in this way then please seek help as soon as possible.


Psychic Ni Tips:

  • Firstly don’t think you won’t be able to do this, or that you don’t have any Guides, everyone can and everyone does!
  • Try not to have any preconceptions about who or what your Guide is.
  • Remember that you are adjusting your brain to ‘listening’ for messages.
  • At first you may only be able to keep the communication going for a very short time, with practice you will be able to work with your Guide for longer periods.
  • At first, using Yes or No questions may be easier for you.
  • Ask….. Pause…… Listen with your mind.
  • If you have trouble ‘hearing’, try to visualize a screen with words and symbols appearing in answer to your questions.
  • Ask questions about your Spirit Guide and their place in your life, e.g., What is your function? What is their connection to you? What can you do to find your mission? How many Guides do you have?
  • Write down questions in advance and answers as you go along.


Guides By Rank


Master Guides

General Guides



They are highly evolved soul’s, who’s purpose is to enlighten you and help you on your journey.

They are with us for ETERNITY

Elders rarely return to the earth, they are content soul’s.

Elders have all walked the Earth Plane, many times, and have experienced everything you can imagine.

Poverty / Wealth / Abuse / Greed / Love / Illness / etc., the list goes on and on.

They train our master guides, and manage them as they guide us.

They are our connection through our guides to source (God).

We rarely meet our Elders whilst we are on the Earth Plane.


Master Guides

You pick your Master Guide before you come onto the Earth Plane.

They remain with you throughout your life, and leave you once you go through the healing process in the Afterlife.

Your Master Guide has walked the Earth Plane many times, but is never a member of your current family.

Their purpose is to guide you through your life. Remember you are never alone they are always with you.

They influence us in many ways, and when we are ready to connect with them we must be prepared to hear the truth from them. They are very important to us.

The easiest way to connect with them is through Meditation.

They can also make psychical contact, and they keep us on track.


You do have other guides these are known as general guides.

Your Master Guides can connect with each other.

Only you can get your Master Guides Name.


Ask them what it is.

If a name or an initial pops into your head just as you finish asking then accept that.

If it does not and you then get a name, it’s your mind doing it, not them!

So try again, and again, until you get it. (Meditation).

If you don’t get one, then give them a name, it’s ok to do that.


If they don’t like it, they will let you know and give you their name.

Clear Crystal Quartz is good for helping connect with your guides.

You have FREE WILL to listen to, or not listen to your guides.

They will use many ways to get your attention.

Music / Whispers / Touch / Voice / Appear to you.



Trust your instinct

Use a pendulum

Believe in it.

Do they feel familiar to you, if so it’s them.

You have to build a relationship with your Master Guide.

They will speak to you in only your own language.


General Guides

What are General Guides?

These are the guides who come into our lives for a purpose, and when it’s competed they leave.

They come in for such things as

Work / Relationship / Financial / Family / The list goes on……………………………………..


Where do they come from?

They are managed by our Master Guide, and they send them in and guide them through their purpose.

Your General Guides will include

Your Healing Guides & Your Psychic Guides.



Do they have names?

Yes they do, and we learn these the same way we did for our Master Guide.

Who are they?

These guides can be

Family / Friends / Animals / Pets / etc.

They can come back to you time and time again as they are needed.

You can call on them to come in and help you at anytime.

Sometimes when you’re trying to get your Master Guide, they send forward a General Guide as that is who you need. Remember they can read our thoughts.

Don’t confuse these guides with Angels.

Angels never walked the Earth Plane, and are not our guides, we can never become Angels.

Remember your guides are always there to help you.



Just one last thing!

We also have another type of guide?

These are called


Also known as

Earth Angels / Light Workers.


Exercise 1:  Meditate

Do the meditation on this page.


Exercise 2: Feel

  • Calm your mind and relax your body.
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • Ask your Guides to step forward.
  • Ask your Guide for a physical sign so that you will know they are close.
  • Make a mental note of anything that you feel around you, a gentle touch, change in energy around you, heat, cold, etc.


Exercise 3: Connect

  • Keeping hold of your journal, continue to sit quietly.
  • If you felt something physical during the last exercise, ask your Guide to repeat the sensation to prove the connection.
  • Then still in relaxed state, draw your Guide or write things down about them, that you sense or see.

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