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Today there is a huge array of healing from Acupuncture to Hopi Ear Candles, Crystal Therapy to Psychic Surgery. For the purpose of our type of work and practice of healing that’s referred to is the method of channeling energy through a healer to a recipient, usually through the hands, to help restore harmony and balance.

This type of healing may be referred to as ‘hands on’, ‘faith’, ‘spiritual’ or ‘Reiki’ healing. Whatever it’s named, or whichever method is used, ultimately all healers are using the same positive, loving energy. Healing can also be conveyed simple through touch, a word, a hug, or an action, through the act of listening or by being in close proximity to someone who is a powerful healer.

Distance or absent healing is also hugely effective and is similar to prayer. The theory is that we are all connected on the spiritual plane through the same universal energy channeled for healing, so one person can direct this energy to another through these connections.

It’s a documented fact through various scientifically controlled experiments that people who are sent healing in the form of energy work or prayer feel better and recover quicker than those who aren’t, whether they know it’s being sent or not.

One double-blind randomized trial conformed that, over a period of 10 months a group of patients in a coronary care unit who were being prayed for, has less severe symptoms, needed less ventilator assistance, antibiotics and diuretics than a group that weren’t.

(See R.C. Byrd ‘Positive Therapeutic effects of intercessory prayer in a coronary care unit population’. Southern Medical Journal, 1988; 81(7): 826 – 9 .)

What’s really interesting is that other studies have shown that not only is it irrelevant whether the patients know that they’re being sent healing, but it also doesn’t seem to matter what their personal beliefs are, or that of the healers. All healing, whatever method, name or doctrine is associated with it, has a profound effect on the physical and psychological state of the patient.

(See F Sicher and E. Targ a randomized double-blind study of the effect of distance healing in a population with advanced AIDS: report on a small scale study Western Journal of Medicine 1988; 168(6) 356 – 63).

So how does healing work? There’s no definitive answer to this question, although there are a number of commonly held theories.

  • One theory is that illness is a manifestation of negative thoughts and mental patterns. Healing energy can be used to re-balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. A part of the healing process is very often about adopting a more positive outlook, attitude and language. It helps to restore balance and harmony and to promote wholeness and growth in all areas of life.
  • Another theory is that illness comes about as a result of blocked chakras and impeded energy flow. Healing works on a subtle level to balance energy flow allowing our bodies, which are naturally self-regulating and self-healing to get on with the job. This is believed to occur on an emotional, mental and spiritual level too.
  • It’s also said that when something is wrong in our life, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it’s because our own energy vibration isn’t quite right. By being in the presence of someone with healing energies and receiving a boost of healing energy, our own vibration is corrected or brought back into alignment. This is a phenomenon known as sympathetic vibration.
  • Finally, let’s not forget, the good old placebo effect, maybe healing helps because a person believes that it will. That’s fine. If placebo is a good benchmark for drugs, companies to test medication against, it must have some effect. Never underestimate the power of thought, but that’s a whole other story.


Each Theory is a potentially valid one and it may well be that a combination of each is the key. We pass on the healing energy, what it does once the person has received it is anybody’s guess, just know that it has wonderful effects.

Everyone has healing abilities or can learn them in some form. Some people pray, some are good listeners, others counsel, nurse or actively use hands-on healing methods. Most importantly, we also have the ability to heal ourselves from within.

Healers are a channel, not the source or instigator. Those who appear to be ego driven or maybe make overinflated claims about themselves, should be avoided. It’s also illegal for anyone other than a trained medical practitioner to diagnose or prescribe.

Although physical contact can be positive, it should also be appropriate,  and only practiced with the client’s permission. Healing works just as well with no contact, or indeed over distance if necessary. It’s not necessary for anyone to remove any clothing in order to receive healing.

When you give healing you should ensure that the person is comfortable, warm and relaxed. It’s a good idea that you are in an environment where you will not be disturbed. The recipient can either be seated or lying down. It’s good practice to wash your hands before and after giving healing. As well as being hygienic, and disconnects your energy from the client’s and disposes of any residual energy that you may have picked up from them.

Before undertaking any healing it’s important to ask for protection to prevent the transfer of any negative emotions or energy. You can also visualize yourself being surrounded by a pure white light or that your hands are being placed through a veil of light.

Try to include some time for absent healing, in this way you are giving something back in return for the wisdom and knowledge that you receive from spirit. When we wish well for others with pure intention our own energies are also enhanced as we connect with pure love energy and encourage oneness with the Universal Energy.

Psychic Ni Tips:

  • Always check with the recipient that it’s okay to place your hands on them, if it’s not, work in their aura.
  • Never act inappropriately. Always keep your hands in the aura when working within the swimsuit area. Recipients should always remain clothed.
  • Be aware that it’s quite common for some people to get emotional when receiving healing, this is fine, just have some tissues ready.
  • If the recipient is laying down, use folded hand towels or cushions in strategic places to ensure comfort. If they’re laying on their back, place one under each knee. If they’re on their front, place one under each ankle to ensure support.
  • Before you start work take a couple of deep breaths to relax and still your mind.
  • Begin with your hands in a prayer position to focus your intention and connect your energy.
  • Ask your guides to draw close, to help you channel healing energy and to offer their protection whilst you’re working.
  • Visualise your connection with earth, then connect with spirit by visualizing pure white light entering your crown chakra.

At the end thank your guides for their assistance


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