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Theory: Psychometry:


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Psychometry is a form of psychic divination using the sense of touch to connect with the energy field of an object in order to ‘read’ any psychic imprints left by the owner. Such imprints may provide information on a psychic level in the same way that Tarot cards and other divination tools do.

It could be likened to being able to feel and translate the fingerprints left by anyone who has touched an object.

This imprint is classed as residual energy. Another element of psychometry is that through connecting with the energy of an object, a reader may be able to link to a loved one in Spirit who wishes to make themselves known or pass a message on to the enquirer.

These spirits are usually linked in some way with the object, or with the person for whom the reading is being done (or who owns the object).

Many mediums use psychometry as a useful tool to connect with their sitter. By holding an object, for example an item of jewellery that the sitter usually wears, the medium can tap into the sitter’s energy field more readily, and thus their thoughts and feelings.

By holding a piece jewellery that belonged to a deceased loved one, a medium may be able to connect to that person’s residual energy field, or their spirit, even many years after their death.

Psychic imprints can also be left in an area or building, especially at times of traumatic events. These can be ‘read’ in the same way. An example of this is when you’ve perhaps had the experience of walking into a room in which an argument has recently taken place and feeling uncomfortable without initially understanding why.

These imprints can, in extreme cases, result in what is known as a residual haunting where events are replayed at regular intervals or significant times. For example, at some historic sites or buildings people report seeing a ‘ghost’ repeatedly acting in exactly the same way.

Some mediums are able to help police with crime investigations by visiting scenes of crimes and tuning into the residual energy field to find clues. Of course they may also be able to find out further information from holding items connected to the scene.

Psychometry is one of the most basic skills that an aspiring medium can usually master with excellent results. Remember though that as with all things psychic, practice is the key and psychometry skills undoubtedly improve over time.

The most important thing when trying psychometry is to ‘give what you get’. As you hold an object in your hands you may find words or images popping into your head that have no meaning or relevance to you.

It’s important that you simply pass them on to the person whose object you’re reading. You may well find that the word or picture is of deep significance to them. If you hold on to the image, feeling or message that you’re getting because you feel that it isn’t important or that it’s silly, you will be blocking yourself.

It’s like placing your thumb over the end of a hosepipe and not allowing the water to flow. Once you give the information, it’s as though you remove your thumb and let the water go, then more will come. As you become more proficient in the art of psychometry, you may find that you receive certain pictures to symbolise other things, e.g. a plane might represent a holiday.

However this is something that you will become attuned to with time and practice. In the meantime simply relax and see what you can pick up.


Step 5 Psychometry Exercises

Exercise 1:  Feel the energy

This exercise will help you to feel and activate the smaller chakras in the hands that will assist you in tuning into and reading the energy of an object.

  • Sit comfortable in a chair with your feet flat on the floor
  • Place your palms together and focus your attention on their contact with each other, you may become aware of heat building up.
  • After a minute or so separate your hands very slightly. Maintain your focus on the same place between the palms. Very slowly move your hands slightly away from and toward each other, as though pumping the air between your palms. You should become aware of a feeling of resistance here.
  • Gradually take your hands further apart and each time they come back together, still with that pumping action, make the gap between your palms larger and larger. Feel as though there’s a ball of energy between your palms. This energy has been created through the smaller chakras in the palms of your hands using your auric energy.
  • You can play with the energy with practice. Move your hands around so that you can feel edges of the ball.
  • You will find, in time that this skill has other uses, but for now, it assists you in beginning to feel the auric energy that we talk of and activating the sense of feeling in your hands.

Remember, this exercise requires practice. Some may find they have a natural ability, but others may not get anything at all on their first attempts.

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