Step 6 Crystals

Theory: Crystals:

Crystal Cavans Meditation (Play Time 14m 39s)


Throughout history it has been claimed that crystals are far more than stones or rocks, and that they have metaphysical properties. Each crystal is said to have different properties depending on their makeup and energy. The most common uses referred to by many different cultures are:

  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Courage
  • Meditation
  • Connecting with the gods
  • Manifestation
  • Energy work
  • Dream work
  • Astral projection
  • Personal / spiritual/ psychic development
  • Dowsing
  • Divination

Crystals actually ‘grow’ in an organized structure. They are created in and of the earth in a variety of ways: in the molten lava and hot gases deep within, or as they pour out of the earth in volcanic areas; in the more superficial layers of the earth or in mineral solutions; under the extreme pressure and high temperatures that occur deep within the earth’s crust.

Varying environmental conditions and chemical impurities create the many different crystals within each family of crystal. Their internal geometric structure enables experts to classify the different types of crystal. Different types and amounts of minerals give the crystals their colours, which can vary greatly. Impurities in the crystals create unusual patterns within them, adding to their mystery. Their perfectly uniform structures, combined with their chemical composition and colour give each one its own precise vibration which can often be felt by sensitive individuals.

There are a few different theories about how crystals work:

  • It’s said that when something is wrong in our life, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it’s because our own energy vibration isn’t quite right. By carrying the right crystal or placing it in our energy field, our vibration is corrected or brought into line with that which we would like to achieve. This is a phenomenon known as sympathetic vibration.
  • Crystals, especially quartz magnify energy so they can be used in combination with healing in order to intensify the healing effects on the recipient.
  • Crystals are said to radiate their own healing energy in a powerful and concentrated way, much like a ‘laser beam’. This can be directed to a specific point where pain, imbalance or disease occurs in order to treat it.
  • Another theory is that crystals have a placebo effect and work to facilitate healing because a person believes that it will.

Each theory is a potentially valid one and it may well be that if crystals do indeed have metaphysical properties, an element from each of them could be playing their part. If you want to try them out, do so with an open mind. If you find that crystals are of benefit to you, fantastic! Then decide whether it’s important to know how they work or if you can just accept that they do. (Please remember that if you suspect that you have a medical problem you should always consult a G.P.)

There are plenty of books and references to crystals and their uses, however, it’s really best to allow your intuition to pick the right one for you.

Step 6 Crystals Exercises

Exercise 1:  Feeling

With this exercise you will discover the feeling you get from different types of crystal.

Pick a piece of crystal, ideally as many kinds of crystal that you can get.

Relax with the crystal in your hand, how does it make you feel, does it connect with one of your chakras, do you see colours or images in your mind’s eye.

Change to another type of crystal and do the same exercise.

Exercise 2: Wheeling

Create a circle of crystals on the floor, ideally all clear quarts points all going in a clockwise direction.

Take it in turns to either sit or stand in the circle, be aware that you may start to sway. Whilst in the circle close your eyes and relax.

Make notes how you felt, and what energy you experienced.

Exercise 3: Reading

Take a selection of crystals: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Jasper, Haematite, Pyrite, Clear quartz, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Black Tourmaline and Tigers Eye.

Without spending too much time thinking, choose the first crystal that you feel drawn to.

Refer to the basic crystal information sheet, and think about what it tells you.

Repeat this exercise, but this time pick a crystal that you dislike, refer to the basic crystal information sheet, and remember what it tells you.

Exercise 4: Cleansing

Take 2 cups of tap water (do not use distilled water)

Put a piece of clear quartz crystal into one of the cups of water and leave for five minutes.

Remove the crystal, and then taste both cups of water, can you taste any difference?

Clear quartz is an excellent purifying crystal, and can alter the taste of tap water, sometimes quite dramatically.


Basic Crystal Information

What do crystals say about you?

Amethyst – You are highly spiritual or seeking your spiritual path. This stone, enhances intuition and psychic abilities and encourages personal development. Is that what you do, or what you need to do?

Black Tourmaline – Highly protective and grounding, this stone helps to banish fear. Is that what you need right now? Or are you looking for a solution to a problem? It could be close to hand. Listen to your intuitive flashes.

Citrine – The stone of abundance, wealth and success. Are you looking for more focus? Are you starting a new relationship, job or project? You are being guided and success is indicated.

Clear Quartz – Do you feel that you need to move things along? Are you looking for a higher purpose? This stone indicates enhanced psychic abilities, good health and more energy. Engage with your inner strength to facilitate success and achievements.

Green Aventurine – Future growth and expansion. This stone indicates that a balance of male and female energies is required or is happening. Do you need to make a decision right now? This stone can help you to make the right one.

Haematite – Do you need more calm and reason in your life, especially in a relationship? Calm your mind, become clear about what you want and turn the negatives into positives.

Jasper – Pay attention to earthly matters. Have you been letting things slide recently or ignoring something that needs to be dealt with?

Pyrite – A strong masculine stone. Do you need to be more confident and take control? All may not be as it seems, read between the lines and keep an eye out for deception. Do you need the energy to put ideas into practice? Make a practical action plan to get to where you want to be.

Rose Quartz – A warm, healing, loving stone. Indicates healing capabilities. Can also indicate that you need to open your heart more, especially to yourself. Forgiveness and release of old emotions may be required so that you can move on with life.

Sodalite – Do you need to learn to communicate better? This includes listening! Or are you developing your Clairaudient skills? Maybe you should. Is your mind muddled and in need of clarity?

Tigers Eye – Are you lacking in confidence? Need to be more independent? This stone indicates a change for the better. It attracts beauty, abundance and practical wisdom, do you? If not, maybe you will now, or is that what you transmit to others?


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