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Theory: Card Readings:

Meditation A Waterside Walk (play time 13m 53s)

We can use ‘Tarot’ or similar ‘Oracle’ cards to give readings, to develop our intuition and psychic ability or to inspire and focus our mind with regard to a particular project, event or simply for the day ahead. There are hundreds of different sets of cards available ranging from traditional Tarot decks to cards depicting angels, fairies and mystical creatures.

The trick is to find a set which resonates with you and that you feel comfortable using. It’s best if you can actually see and handle an open pack or at least view a printout of the images on the cards before selecting a pack to work with.

It’s preferable not to buy a used or open pack however, as they will carry some residual energy of whoever has handled the cards. It’s quite common for people who read cards to own a number of different packs, although they tend to have a favourite set at any given time. If you’re just starting out with reading cards, sticking to one pack until you feel more accomplished is probably best.

Some people learn the specific meanings of each card, especially if they are drawn to traditional Tarot. Although this does give a good basis from which to work it’s not entirely essential. This is because the cards are simply a tool of divination like any other and form something on which to focus during a reading.

If you wish to attend a course dedicated to Tarot reading or teach yourself from a book then that’s great. However, there are other ways to develop your skills and to begin to provide insightful and accurate readings for others.

You will develop a way of working or a ritual like process which states your intention to do a reading and attunes you to the energy of the enquirer. Many readers ask the enquirer to shuffle the cards while thinking of a question or the subject that they want to know about.

Then you can ask them to cut the pack if you so wish before you deal them out face down in your chosen spread or pattern so that it’s the correct way up for you to read. It’s up to you whether you deal them face down and turn them over and read them one at a time, or deal them out face up so that you can immediately start to see a pattern or story unfold. I prefer the later.

There are a number of different spreads that you can use when giving readings. To begin with the simplest one is to lay down three cards that represent (from left to right):

  • The past or events/people that have led to
  • The present or the current situation or question
  • The future or the potential solution or outcome.

As you practice you will intuitively know how the card relates to the enquirer’s question. The same card can have entirely different meanings for different people depending on the question being asked, the enquirer’s situation, the card’s position in the spread, or the information that spirit wish to convey at that time.

When reading the cards, look for a pattern or story in the spread. When you look at them you may be aware of the colours and patterns in the design of the cards or a story that seems to weave its way through the cards. For example, greens and browns can relate to nature and earthly or material matters.

Lilacs and purples are more spiritual or psychic colours. The more knowledge you habe about different aspects of symbolism and spiritual practice, the more you can analyse the information that you are given.

Be aware of things that leap out at you from the cards, or that appear to be brighter or more obvious than usual. What do they symbolise? Animal symbolism may also be appropriate to look into, as can numerology and astrological symbols and associations.

This may sound daunting, but take it easy and build up your knowledge slowly and you will be surprised at how your abilities will develop. Remember that this is just the start of your development journey and you are not expected to know everything immediately.

Breathe, relax, clear your mind and then look at and into the cards. Take your time and don’t worry about leaving a gap of silence for a little while as you take your time to absorb the information in front of you. Say what you see and what you feel, no matter how silly it may seem. It could be relevant to the enquirer. Words or pictures will start to pop into your head as you become more experienced and it will not be all about what is obviously on the card in front of you.


Psychic Ni Tips:

  • Do what feels comfortable to you: Use the cards and spreads that you like and really feel that you don’t want to read and particular spread, on a particular occasion or for a particular person, don’t do it.
  • Whilst some books give specific meaning to inverse (upside down) cards, we never read them as negative. If they arrive in a spread upside down we simply make a mental note of it and turn them up the correct way. It’s possible that it can indicate unfulfilled potential.
  • Don’t panic about getting the DEATH or DEVIL card. They don’t foretell death or the presence of evil, but instead indicate (amongst other things) the end of a cycle or the presence of temptation respectively. More can be found on these in a good Tarot book.
  • Practice, practice, practice! You may only get a few words for each card to begin with, this is fine, you’ll soon become more confident, and as a result you’ll get and give more information.
  • At first you may wish to use a reference book as a crutch. However, we would recommend putting the book away and using your developing skills of insight and intuition. This may seem hard at first but again, with practice it will soon start to flow.
  • Don’t be tempted to have lots of card readings yourself, they’re there merely as a guide and you shouldn’t be running your life by them, and certainly not by the guidance of another person. Additionally, be wary of people becoming over dependant on you giving them readings.
  • If, when giving a reading, there feels as though there is a gap between two card explanations, like something is missing or needs clarifying, feel free to pull another card. Simply use the next card in the pack, or shuffle and deal another asking for clarification. Place the card between but slightly above or overlapping the two cards concerned and this should help you read the spread more clearly. You can also do this if you have a real block and can’t read the cards on the table. However, don’t rely on this method.
  • In our opinion, no events are cast in stone. They’re subject to our free will and we can change future events by decisions or changes that we make in every moment that leads up to them.
  • Providing these sorts of readings for others comes with a lot of responsibility. Do not scare or worry enquirer’s with negative predictions. Be careful with your wording and treat them gently.


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